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The babystart® FertilCount™ Male Fertility test is a rapid diagnostic test of sperm concentration in semen. 
Sperm count is widely recognised as the major indicator of the fertility in men. 
There is a one test kit and a two test kit.

The threshold definition (cut off point) of male infertility has now been set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) at  a sperm concentration of 15 million sperm per mL of sperm. 
Male Fertility Tests with cut off values above 15 ml/ml may no 
longer be considered 'State of the Art' by the MHRA.

The babystart® FertilCount Male Fertility test kits are a unique home test that will indicate if a man's sperm concentration is greater or less than the devices cut off point, 15 million sperm per mL of sperm. A positive result is going to be good news although it is not proof of fertility. A negative result suggests that the man should consult with his doctor as he is close to being sub-fertile, which is not all bad news, because it does at least save a couple months of trying for a baby when there maybe issues to resole.

This babystart® FertilCount Male Fertility test kit will allow a man to test his fertility potential, privately and discreetly in his own home.

Testing for low sperm count in men, how does it work? 

The babystart® FertilCount™ Male Fertility test cassette simply works by staining the sperm cells (DNA) in a semen sample to produce a blue colour. The more sperm cells that are stained in the sample then the darker the 'test well' becomes. 
Clinical trials have rated our babystart® FertilCount™ Male Fertility test to have a 97% ACCURACY of identifying whether a sample is above or below the cut off point of the device, 15 million per mL of sperm.

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